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For over 80 years, Nevamar has been known for its upscale, stylish, and innovative designs, making it a favorite among the A&D community. Featuring a dynamic range of trend-setting styles, our design aesthetics are perfect for customers looking to achieve a more sophisticated vision. The proprietary Armored Protection (ARPĀ®) finish from Nevamar delivers impeccable performance, surpassing rival laminates while keeping patterns looking new for years to come.

Nevamar is produced with resins made in-house ensuring their quality and reducing their environmental footprint. The kraft and decorative paper used in Nevamar laminates are made from recycled or renewable sources. Nevamar patterns and finishes are available in a number of different surfacing materials including standard HPL and specialty products like Chemguard, ThickLam, ThruColor, FireRated, and FRL panels. Contact us to learn more about partnering with us for your surfacing needs. With 400+ colors in stock, we have the capabilities to be your go-to source for HPL.

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What Our DNA Is


  • 01 Made in America
  • 02 Multiple Finish Options
  • 03 Made from recycled or renewable sources
  • 04 Over 270 Patterns Available
  • 05 GREENGUARD Certified
  • 06 Multiple Sizes, Finishes and Thicknesses in Stock
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