Eclectic Industrial Adhesives & Sealants offer easy to use unbeatable adhesion for Woodworkers and Professionals. E-6000 industrial adhesives adhere to many surfaces with unbeatable strength.

Among the strongest one-component, multi-purpose adhesives and sealants available for industrial applications, E-6000 adhesives have very high tensile strengths to a multitude of surfaces, while remaining extremely flexible, especially important when used in underwater applications and cold temperatures. This elasticity makes E-6000 ideal as an adhesive or sealant between surfaces with dissimilar expansion coefficients. Also, E-6000 adhesives are non-corrosive, so they may be used on high-wear surfaces subject to vibration, including conveyor belts, storage tanks, and pipes.

The E-6000 adhesives outperform silicones, acrylics, and rubber cements because they adhere to more surfaces with greater durability. They provide a superior bond on stubborn porous and non-porous substrates like metal, plastic, glass, concrete, rubber, as well as brick, tile, marble, ceramic, vinyl, fabric, canvas, leather, and wood. E6000® is an indispensable maintenance tool that allows the kind of permanent repair and maintenance of equipment that may have been too expensive or difficult in the past. E6000 provides adhesion strength and versatility not found in silicones and rubber cements. E6000 is non-flammable when cured, does not become brittle in cold weather, and can be bonded to items subject to vibration. It is safe for applications exposed to dilute acids and dilute caustics and safe for high wear subjects. E6000 can also be submerged in fresh or saltwater after a complete cure. E6000 takes about 5 minutes to tack and is fully cured within 24 hours. E6000 is also freeze/thaw stable, just be sure it has reached room temperature before use.

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  • 01 Non-Corrosive
  • 02 Highly Versatile
  • 03 Flexible
  • 04 Self-Leveling, Non-Sag, and UV Resistant Formulas
  • 05 Bonds difficult, Non-porous and porous surfaces
  • 06 100% Paintable
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