Rehau RAUVISIO crystal Cabinet Doors & Surfaces

RAUVISIO crystalTM provides the sleek shine of glass and stone in a lighter-weight, durable polymer. The UV-resistant, fully customizable boards feature colorfastness with much lower production costs and the convenience of cutting and drilling during installation. Reduced sensitivity to impact and scratching means fewer rejects due to breakage and imperfections, so your project is both visually stunning and cost efficient.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Cut and processed with woodworking tools
  • 50% lighter than real glass
  • 10x more break resistant than real glass
  • 20% less waste compared to real glass

Why your customers will love it:

  • High scratch resistance
  • Easy to clean with microfiber towels
  • Take notes or write tasks with whiteboard markers (high-gloss) or chalk (matte)
  • Cabinet doors finished in diamond-cut, REHAU LaserEdge

RAUVISIO crystalTM is available as the following:

  • Pressed panels (2800 x 1300 x 19 mm) – Pressed panel of RAUVISIO crystal polymer glass laminate, super-refined MDF board and a color-matched balancing backer.
  • Slim wall panels (2800 x 1300 x 4 mm) – 4.0 mm thin panel consisting of RAUVISIO crystal polymer glass laminate directly pressed to a color-matched balancing backer.
  • Custom cabinet doors –  Modern design to your door in days. With zero-joint perfection and 100+ finishes, REHAU takes the stress out of modern and lets you do what you do best: satisfy your customers. Create project quotes and orders in the easy to use Rehau Cabinet Door portal. Don’t forget to select Direct Supply Inc. as your distributor!

Learn more about the cabinet door program here or contact us for more information and samples!


Experience elegant innovation with RAUVISIO crystal polymer back-painted acrylic glass and stone surfaces.