The Direct Supply King of Hinges

We sat down with Rob, one of the owners at Direct Supply Inc., to ask him a few questions about how he got the title. Rob is a man of many talents, but one we are talking about today is his knowledge of Hinges!


  1. How long have you been in the industry? – 17yrs. I actually went to school to be a motorcycle mechanic, I suppose that may be where my interest in figuring out how things work and the desire to provide technical support comes from.
  2. How long have you worked at Direct Supply Inc? – Officially, 17yrs but I grew up in this business and was sweeping the warehouse floors and doing different odds and ends jobs around here since I was a kid.
  3. What is your favorite part of your current role? – Getting to do many different roles and helping our diverse customer groups find products that fit their unique needs.
  4. One thing you would change about the industry? – Find an easier way for customers to access technical information, cost, and availability.
  5. What you thought your career would be like, and how is it different? – Although our company and my role have changed a lot since coming back to Direct Supply, I think it’s great we still get to sell the same products we sold 10 yrs ago, and that’s pretty cool! Knowing that some companies have to deal with total line/product changes regularly, we’re still pretty consistent.
  6. Why do you like Salice Hardware? – I like Salice for the in-depth availability of all applications, excellent quality, and user-friendly adjustments during and after installation.
  7. Is a good quality hinge worth spending the money on? – Yes, but that doesn’t always fit every application. In many instances, price drives the sale vs. quality, and we have products and solutions for what matters most to our customers.
  8. Favorite Salice hardware? – I really like our Salice 1-piece hinges for Face frame applications. The 3-cam design allows for all kinds of field adjustments to ensure doors line up perfectly. Part#CUR3AD9R {Note: Rob spits hardware part #s like song lyrics}
  9. After years of gaining knowledge, what are some things everyone should know when looking for hinges? – How to calculate and communicate their desired overlay, that way, we can supply them with the correct hinge the first time. The correct screw for the hinge is essential for the longevity of the installation. Being on the same page with our customers about their needs is essential to getting them the correct function and the quality they need.

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