In a class of his own… Mr. David Szpiech

West Michigan Commercial Accounts & Central Michigan Region

  1. How long have you been in the industry? – 39 years in the industry
  2. How long have you worked at Direct Supply Inc? – about one year
  3. What is your favorite part of your current role? – The people I get to work with; It’s not just the Direct Supply team but also the customers and the suppliers too. Our customers are some of the most hard-working people who appreciate having someone that looks out for their best interests.
  4. One thing you would change about the industry?  – I would like to see companies investing more time in training their employees; employees want to learn more about how their company functions, the products they manufacture, the materials going into the end product, and what industries they serve. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed some companies focus heavily on hiring, then fall short on training and developing new hires.
  5. What have you learned over your tenure in Sales / our Industry? What is the biggest difference between when you started and now? – Confidence changes everything. Deep down, as a new sales representative, you should know your product, but your harshest critic is likely yourself. As you make sales and gain confidence, you become a more valuable asset to everyone involved. This confidence is gained by working with people that continuously make you a better person. Co-workers, Customers, and Suppliers all play a part in this.
  6. Your job summary in a little kid answer – I sell cool stuff to people that take my cool stuff and make even cooler stuff.
  7. Your job summary in a president’s answer – My fellow Americans, every morning I get out of bed like each and every one of you try to make a difference in this great and prosperous world. By providing the best products at the best prices, my administration enriches the lives of every hard-working citizen. So ask not what you can do for Direct Supply; ask what Direct Supply can do for you.
  8. Favorite project you have ever worked on? – It was a job at Hackley Hospital in Muskegon. It required bringing two customers together with two unique talents. Woodworking and Solid Surface. The finished product was a beautiful entryway we could all be proud of.
  9. What is the hardest project you have ever worked on? – My most challenging project was returning from my pre-pandemic life to the life I have now. Working jobs to pay the bills, trying new things, and working various shifts. I found that I could use my sales skills to advance and prosper at any job, even those not sales related. I had a chance to experience humility and gain an appreciation for people. I made new friends and acquaintances. What in the beginning felt like a curse became an excellent earning experience on so many levels.
  10. What is the most rewarding project you have ever worked on? – I find so many projects rewarding, but my favorites all deal with start-ups or “little guys,” people who rely on you for the information and experience you bring. Every time I see a customer I knew from day one succeeding, I am filled with pride, knowing I played a minuscule part in their success.
  11. What do you think will be trends in 2023? – Back to business! I think 2023 will be a fast and furious year—lots of projects and some cats coming out of the bag. It will be more important than ever to work with hands-on suppliers. That “extra mile” will come into play. Finding that product that no one else can find and getting it as soon as possible. Communication will be essential in helping customers meet their goals, and versatility to plan and complete multiple tasks simultaneously.

David Szpiech.

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