Modern Interior Hardwood Wall Covering. Made in Michigan.

Crafted from the finest North American hardwood and engineered for premium performance and style. Plankwise brings the beauty of natural wood to your walls. A modern alternate to many rustic planks or pallet walls, Plankwise is available in 4 wood species and two stain blends.

The tongue and groove profile feature a built-in shadow spacing making the installation process easy. All profiles are available with a Veneer or MDF core for versatility. Class A fire rated core is also available, making Plankwise the perfect choice for your commercial projects. Simply select your wood species and core to specify!

What Our DNA Is


  • 01 Made in Michigan
  • 02 Class A Fire Rated Core Available
  • 03 High Quality Veneer
  • 04 Cabinet Grade Finish
  • 05 Fraction of the Cost of Solid Wood
  • 06 Easy Installation
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