Tough & Stylish. Panolam brand products focus on durability and commercial design use.

Panolam is a global manufacturer of surface materials, wall protection, and resins for the architectural building industry. The Panolam branded products are committed to providing durability and offer cohesive design when combined with other Panolam products, such as Pionite high-pressure laminate. Panolam branded products such as Panolam Fiber Reinforced Laminate (FRL) and Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) offer superior wall protection without sacrificing design.

The Panolam FRL panels feature a Class A fire rating, superior impact resistance, and the option for anodized trims or color-matched caulk. Panolam FRP is available in multiple colors, both textured and smooth finishes, and is also now available digitally printed as stacked stone, subway tile, and more! Sourcing Panolam products through us ensure you receive everything you need to get the job done with project samples, color-matched trims, and adhesives in stock.

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What Our DNA Is


  • 01 Made in America
  • 02 Superior Wall Protection; FRL, FRP and DUET Panels
  • 03 Commercial Design Focus
  • 04 Variety of Colors, Patterns and Custom Digital
  • 05 Matching Trims and Color Matched Caulk,
  • 06 Matching colors and patterns to Pionite HPL
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