Integra offers innovative adhesive products for solid surface, quartz, natural stone and composites. Stocked products include surface bonder, mixing tips, application guns, sink clips in more!

The team at Integra has been involved with the surface industry since the mid 1980’s and have extensive practical knowledge and experience with all facets of fabrication.
It is with this background that Integra focuses on the needs of its customers by consulting with fabricators and delivering products that meet industry needs. At the heart of the manufacturing process at Integra are pharmaceutical grade stainless steel chemical reactors designed to achieve the highest level of purity. The product of this is adhesives with optimum color and extended shelf life.

Integra’s proactive approach to developing improved dispensing systems for increased performance provides reduced breakage and less wasted materials, it is easy to see how Integra’s adhesive systems add to its customer’s bottom line by lowering overall fabrication costs. Cost effective products at competitive prices is how Integra is leading a revolution with its approach to market conditions. With many colors and fabrication supplies in stock, purchasing Integra from Direct Supply means that you get the best possible pricing. Plus Integra can ship on our own truck with your other orders!

What Our DNA Is


  • 01 High Quality Surface Bonding
  • 02 Many colors in stock
  • 03 Enhanced Color Matches
  • 04 Innovative Products like RD-50 Rodding Compound
  • 05 Premium Sink Clips
  • 06 Dispensing Supplies also in stock
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