ColorFast Industries is a manufacturer of products for ceramic tile, laminate and woodworking as well as the painting industry. We partner with Color Fast for their exceptional laminate caulk and repair solutions. Overview Description

Color Fast Industries offers seam filler caulks, grout colorant, and grout cleaners, painter’s sealants and much more. Color Fast Laminate Caulk is an easy to use caulk designed especially for all types of laminates. It can be used with laminate flooring, countertops, casework, fixtures — anywhere you need to caulk and seal. Color Fast offers 34 standard color coordinated caulks, adhesives and fillers, available at an economical price. These are color matched to the most popular laminate colors.

The color matched caulk and adhesive is used for perimeters and backsplashes. It is also used as an adhesive in joining countertops. The caulk is color matched to all major brands of HPL. The laminate repairer is used to fill seams, repair damaged surfaces, and fill in chips in plastic laminate, melamine, laminate flooring, etc. Each color is individually matched to specific Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, and Pionite brand laminate as well as many others.

What Our DNA Is


  • 01 Pre-mixed
  • 02 Easy to dispense
  • 03 Excellent color matching
  • 04 Color matched caulk and repairer in stock
  • 05 Easy clean up
  • 06 Specially formatted for the laminate industry
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