A&M Hardware - Steel workstation, in wall, shelf and vanity brackets. Many in stock with no delivery downtime!

A&M Hardware, Inc. is proud to offer high-quality cantilever shelf support brackets that easily support more than 1,000 lbs. All A&M support brackets are for use with wood studs or metal studs with wood backing. Look to the original A&M Hardware brackets for all of your bracket needs. If you are looking for additional strength and/or concealment, check out the concealed and extended concealed brackets. The vertical mounting arm of the bracket is completely concealed behind the drywall, and the horizontal arm supports 1,800 pounds to 7,960 pounds per pair, depending on the arm length. We also stock a hybrid bracket that can be surface mounted or concealed for maximum flexibility.

We stock several bracket types, sizes, and colors, offering a quick turnaround. No need to order skid quantities, order just what you need for that job or project. Delivery on our trucks can be combined with other orders, offering significant cost savings to purchasing brackets online or from another source.

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  • 01 Sold in Pairs
  • 02 Variety of Sizes and Colors
  • 03 Quick Turn Around
  • 04 Multiple options for surface mount or in wall
  • 05 Stainless Steel Brackets Also Available
  • 06 New Floating Vanity & Floating Shelf Brackets!
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