• Doellken-Woodtape is North America’s leading supplier of specialty Edgebanding in PVC, ABS, Acrylic and Melamine to the woodworking industry. Doellken-Woodtape has factories, service centers and distribution partners throughout North America, which makes them uniquely suited to supply products and services to the industry.

  • If you have a unique application that requires a high quality edgeband with a designer look, Doellken will have what you are looking for.

    For all their edgebanding options, view the Doellken website or visit their Designer + Architect support page.


  • Visit Doellken’s download center for MSDS, processing and technical information as well as specifications.


  • Although Doellken has numerous specialty products, they also stock a wide variety of everyday edgebands that match the top manufacturer’s colors. So whatever your need, Doellken has a product for you or your customer.

    For all their edgebanding options, view the Doellken website.

Why This Product?

Doellken has a long history of innovation. Whatever the market demands, they come up with a solution. For example; Doellken’s  GreenLine™ ABS Edgebanding (chlorine-free), 3D- Edgebanding (acrylic), Doellken Flex™,  and GlossLine™.

Benefits Of This Product

Doellken-Woodtape not only offers specialty products but they also offer matching edgebandings to leading high-pressure laminate and thermofused melamine board manufacturers. This strategic alliance includes Edgebanding matches to domestic brands including Arborite, Flakeboard, Formica, Funder, KML, Pionite, Panolam, Nevamar, Pluswood,Roseburg, Tafisa, Uniboard, Wilsonart, imported brands (Arauco, Duratex, Greenlam, Masisa, Merino) and high-gloss and textured board products  (Alvic, Cleaf, Egger, Niemann, Premline, Senoplast, SSI North America).

How To Use This Product

Doellken-Woodtape offers a wide variety of edgebanding products for virtually any application. Whether you are looking for a digitally printed, PVC, glossy, or melamine edgeband, Doellken has a product for you.  Doellken is our go to for specialty products and unique applications.

Best Sellers

Hanex Solid Surface

Hanex Solid Surface

Hanex Solid Surfaces is a non pourus surfacing material that offers superior function and value. The wide variety of colors and patterns provide the characteristics that make it the perfect choice: an attractive, affordable, contemporary surface that can stand up to heavy traffic and day-to-day use.

Panolam FRP

Panolam FRP


Available in a range of colors, FRP easily fits with any interior style. And, because it’s engineered to last, it doesn’t call attention to itself with a worn out look that can quickly appear with other surfaces.

A & M Workstation Brackets

A & M Workstation Brackets

A & M Brackets are ideal for countertops, workbenches and floating islands among other applications. A & M guarantees the workstation brackets can easily handle 1,000 pounds and the concealed 3,680 pounds. Eight different sizes and a variety of colors are in stock!

WOOD-WELDED Michigan Maple Block

WOOD-WELDED Michigan Maple Block

Michigan Maple Block, located in the heart of hard maple country, is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of butcher block products in the nation. The Wood Welded Butcher Block line includes kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, wood cutting boards, and more.